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Der Neue Mirka Deros  Here >>>>> about the new DEROS eccentric sander!

20% discount on all DEROS eccentric sanders!


The improved Mirka Deros is now available with intelligent performance features such as the vibration sensor and Bluetooth connectivity. Simply download myMirka from the App Store or Google Play Store to track the vibration values in real time.


 Mirka Industriesauger Aktion bis 30.09.2017

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Mirka Abranet And dust free grinding!

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Mirka abrasives


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Discs, strips, rolls, sheets, nonwoven, foam, sanding belts,Electric grinders, air grinders, grinding plates & grinding pads,Protection pads and accessories, flower grinders & polishers, wall and ceiling grinders,Dust Extraction & Accessories, Abrasives, Polarshine Polishes, Polishing Pads, Support Plates & Accessories, Hand Grinding Tools & Accessories


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Mirka Aktionen 2017Hermes Schleifmittel

Here are the following Hermes articles >>>>> Grinding tape, grinding wheels

This article category is constantly being expanded!

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Here are the following KIP articles >>>>>: 300 adhesive tapes, 308 adhesive tapes
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Schleifmittel Kersting Sonderverkäufe Schnäppchen

Kersting Abrasives - Your specialist dealer for crafts

Our company Kersting Schleifmittel is specialized in the trade of abrasives. We supply abrasives, grinding tools, machines and accessories. From our headquarters in Hamm NRW, we supply the industry, carpenters, painters, the general trade as well as private customers. in Germany at absolutely fair prices. You will find in our shop Abrasives Kersting induss.de Abrasives for the machining of almost all surfaces such as wood. You will find Abranet at our company in the form of grinding wheels, grinding wheels for eccentric grinders, abrasive strips, sanding wheels, sanding sheets, abrasive fleece, abrasive on foam material, sanding belts , Wall & Ceiling Grinders, Dust Extraction & Accessories, Abrasives, Polarshine Polishes, Polishing Pads, Support Plates & Accessories, Mirka Hand Grinding Tools and Abrasives from leading manufacturers such as Hermes Abrasives. Furthermore, the joinery accessories of HSM Bechersystemen and Gupfo glue application machines. You will always find very interesting Mirka actions at absolutely top prices.

Always the latest products and innovations
Free advice & service for crafts and hobbies

Dust-free grinding with Mirka's Abranet

In our shop you will get all Abranet products such as grinding wheels, grinding strips and sanding wheels. These abrasives set new standards in grinding technology and enable virtually dust-free grinding. The product has been specially developed for grinding varnishes, plastics, soft aluminum, softwood, etc. Due to the numerous holes the optimal dust extraction is ensured and a longer service life is achieved. You will also find the Abranet ACE grinding tool as well as Abranet HD abrasive

Grinding machines from Mirka

In our shop you will find the entire range of slurry products, such as Deros and Ceros Exenterschleifer, industrial vacuum cleaner, ceiling grinder, polishing mesh and much more.

Our program is rounded off with glue applicators from the manufacturer Gupfo as well as the entire program of the manufacturer HSM for the mixing, pouring and storing of varnishes as well as the SPA system easyline.


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