MIRKA abrasives

MIRKA abrasives, machinery and accessories -

MIRKA abrasives, machinery and accessories -

Abrasives, machines and carpentry accessories
Mirka is a global company specializing in the development of advanced surface technology. Mirka is the largest manufacturer of flexible abrasives in Scandinavia and one of the largest abrasive producers in the world.

Mirkas offers a wide range of high-quality abrasives, innovative tools and polishers, as well as accessories and complete grinding solutions.

Mirka innovative solutions such as Abranet

Thanks to its extensive research program, Mirka offers the customer innovative solutions, such as virtually dust-free working with power grinders. Mirka has established itself as a developer and manufacturer of complete grinding systems. The portfolio includes both state-of-the-art products for specialized applications in the professional and craft sector, as well as products for the most demanding tasks.

Mirka grinding machines and polishing machines

Mirka's "Power Tools" business unit develops and produces professional grinding and polishing machines, which offer special advantages to the user. The innovative machines harmonize with the high-quality abrasives and accessories from Mirka. In this way, the customer always receives a complete solution tailored to his individual needs.