Mirka sanding paper Proflex 115 mm x 50 m

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Mirka sanding paper Proflex 115 mm x 50 m

Mirka Schleifrollen Schleifpapier Proflex 115 mm x 50 m is the perfect choice for all your dry hand sanding needs. With its stearate coated abrasive paper, this product is designed for use on wood, fillers, paints, and lacquers. The flexible latex paper backing ensures optimal flexibility and conformity, making it ideal for profile sanding as well as flat surfaces. The anti-slip coating on the back provides a secure grip for smooth and precise sanding. This Proflex sanding paper features aluminium oxide grain, delivering a superior cut and an excellent scratch pattern. Available in various grit options ranging from P80 to P800, this product is suitable for construction, decoration, wood processing, and more. Whether you are working with hard wood, MDF, paint, lacquers, plaster, putty, body filler, primer, soft wood, resinous wood, veneer, polyurethane, or composites, Mirka Schleifrollen Schleifpapier Proflex has got you covered.Upgrade your sanding experience with this top-quality sanding paper and achieve professional results with ease.

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